Carabiner Semi-Static Rope Mountain Climbing Set Equipment

Mountain Climbing Set Equipment

  • Static Rope,SafetyBelt,Lock,Slip-proof glove
  • Static tension:2800kg
  • Promise high quality

Static Rope (10.5mm diameter)

Safety Belt

Hand Control Descender

O Type Auto Lock

Pear Type Common Lock

Slip-proof Glove

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Static Rope Feature:

Using  Import Dupont Silk Material

Diameter: 10.5mm

Static tension: 2800kg

Tension of eight nodes: 2300kg

Attached a rope packaging bag


Safety Belt Feature

Waist belt size: 80-140cm

Foot belt size: 60-75cm

Weight: 830g

Product certification: CEEN 358

Apply for: rescue, high altitude mountaineering, skiing, ice climbing, through competition, team training, fire 

fighting operation etc

Hand Control Descender

Only holding the handle gently, descender will slow down. Can control the pace of decline according to the size of the force.


Breaking load: Long axis 24KN, short axis 7KN, lock door 7KN

Slip-proof Glove

High-molecular polymer and nylon features. Super light design, has the breathability, comfort and