Waterproof barrels/Waterproof Waist Bag/mobilephone waterproof bag

Waterproof barrels/Waterproof Waist Bag/mobilephone waterproof bag

Accessories: equipped with a package belt, adjustable length, 3.8cm, length of about 95CM, minimum of 45CM (including hook);


1. Before using this product, please do the waterproof test and check for any damaged parts, especially the sealing and surrounding area.

2. After each use, please check the mouth and seal and avoid strong impact and scratches. Do not use it at high temperature.

3. After use in the water, if you need to take out the goods, wipe off the surface and seal, and avoid the remaining moisture into the waterproof bag.


Put in the items, fold the bag into the hard plastic pieces three times, buckle up the buckle can!

Product features:

This kind of material is thick and hard to wear, high frequency seamless welding, excellent waterproof performance, light weight, easy to carry, suitable for swimming, rafting, and so on

Use as a bag or auxiliary floating life-saving appliance in outdoor sports;Summer on the beach, go to the beach, go camping, go swimming, ok

Solve the problem of water – resistant objects such as mobile phone cameras.Can also be used as a bucket in the outdoor camping trip!

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