Aluminium Carabiner, Latest Hook

25KN D Shape Safety Outdoor Rock Climbing Carabiner

Professional Carabiner D Shape Climbing

25KN Rock Climbing Carabiner Features


Rock Climbing Carabiner with the design of Lock opening and Identification.

Excellent quality with reasonable price, you deserve it!



1. Screw-on biner Design

2. Firm and durable

3. Anti-skidding and safe

4. D-shape: a perfect connect between the protector and belt.

5. Application: exploring, rappelling, rescue, engineering protection, aerial work

6. This product has got the CE certification



1. Don’t let the rock climbing carabiner get touch with chemical and sand

2.Wash the carabiner below 40 degrees water

3. Don’t throw the carabiner from high place to the ground

4. Put the carabiner in a dry and ventilated place, don’t get close to the heat source.

5. Don’t use the carabiner for more than 5 years.

6. When the sluice gate can’t be open and close, the carabiner should be replaced


D Shape Safety Outdoor Rock Climbing Carabiner

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