BT-508 Stainless Steel 304 316 Stainless Wide Jaw Straight Quick Link

Color: Silver

Size: As Requested

Material: Steel / stainless steel 304/316

Packaging: Polybag, carton, according to customers’s requirments

Sample time: Normal iterm is 1-2 days, new moulding making need 1-2 weeks

Delivery time: Usually 10-20 days, if we have this iterms in stock, we could delivery them once we
received the payment

Main markets: North American, South Asia, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe

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304 316 Stainless Wide Jaw Straight Quick Link 1
Quick Links are gaining popularity for use in situations for which carabiners are not recommended, such
as when tri-axial loading cannot be avoided. The Delta shape can be used to rig anchors or used as a
chest harness connector. While slower to open and close than a carabiner, quick links can be more
secure when tightened down — and they cost less.

304 316 Stainless Wide Jaw Straight Quick Link 2

Stainless Steel Quick Links are available in either a high polish zinc plated finish or a marine grade
A4 stainless steel AISI 316 finish, and can be used to either join two pieces of chain together or to
extend long or short link chain. Stainless Steel Quick Links are used within the marine industry,
armed forces, campers and divers.