Aluminium Carabiner, Latest Hook

Aluminum Tension 12KN carabiner

The accessory spring buckles are made of aluminum fuselage with inward opening snapper.The snapper is secured with a manual lock to prevent accidental opening.Locked to the left, it moves down, causing the spring hook to open by pressing the snapper.
If snapper is released, close
Hooks stand alone.Bring her back extra
Safety lock, nut must be on right side
Turn it so it moves up to prevent inadvertent opening.
Spring hooks are used to load the vertical axis, with closed snapper and fixed
Locks are developed.
They have a high breaking load if used properly.
But an error in the application may interrupt or lead to the opening of the buckle.Prohibit them from crossing borders or using them for applications that don’t work.

After use, mountaineering buckle should be cleaned
Storage.Avoid contact with acids and oils.Clean the trap at the contact point as soon as possible.
When storing and transporting, be sure to hook before mechanical and chemical
Damages are protected.
Warning: carbine is not suitable for climbing collapse or personal safety.They must not use it in such a way
For them, safety is Paramount.
buckles must be kept at least 20Kn (about 2000kg) in longitudinal closure in accordance with eu standards 12275 and EN362

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