Carabiner Super Heavy Duty Bungee Cords with Hooks

Carabiner Super Heavy Duty Bungee Cords with Hooks
  • SAY GOODBYE TO TANGLED BUNGEE CORD NIGHTMARES! Unlike other Bungee Cords-with our Unique Design, you won’t have to Worry about those Tangled Bungee Cord Messes!
  • EASILY SELECT THE PERFECT BUNGEE CORD FOR THE JOB! With our Color Coded Assortment Set, You can Quickly see all your Bungee Cord Options. Instead of spending tons of time untangling and searching for the right length. It makes selecting the Perfect Tie Down Super Easy!
  • QUALITY IS OUR RECIPE! Our Steel, Zinc Coated, Machined Carabiner Hooks are 3 X Stronger than your conventional Hook and we use only the Highest Quality, UV Protected 3/8 cord for Superior Strength an Stretch!
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR ORGANIZATION KINGS AND QUEENS! If you are the type of Person that Thrives on Organization, you will be thrilled with our Heavy Duty Bungee Cords. It will make a world of difference in your Mojo!
  • LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED – Our Bungee Cords will Stand the Test of Time. Other Bungee Cords Break or Loose there Stretch after just a couple of uses – NOT OURS.

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