Aluminium Carabiner

Carabiners for Hammocks Hook with Storage Pouch

Carabiners for Hammocks

Deceivingly Strong and Durable

– Able to withstanding immense force (12kN), the Raqpak Wiregate Carabiners Hammocks Hook a perfect companion to your hammock suspension system and camp gear.

*NOTE*  Not suitable for mountain climbing, choose a carabiner over 24kN for that purpose.


Lightweight and Compact

– Weighing 21 grams and measuring 3 1/8″ long and 2″ wide, you’ll have no problem adding weight to your pack. Therefore, you can carry them around with you and wouldn’t notice them until you need it.


Snag-free Feature

– Snagging is a common damage to hammocks, straps, tarps, and clothes. As a result, avoid them with our smooth aluminum alloy carabiners.


Easy to Use with a Snap

– Its, Spring Wiregate design and Hook Link allows you to easily open and close the carabiners without trouble.


Various Colors to Choose From

– Clip one as a keychain on your backpack, wallet or belt for essentials. In other words, its D-shape form gives you a lighter and stronger frame than oval carabiners.



Application for Hammocks Hook

  • Aluminum wire gate carabiners for hammocks, camping, fishing, backpacking, hiking, and general utility use.
  • D shape keeps carabiner strong by concentrating weight on the straight spine. Rated for 10 kN (2,248 pounds).
  • Wire gates make them quick to open one-handed and prevent them from snagging and ripping material accidentally.
  • Each carabiner weighs only 20 grams (0.7 ounces) and measures 8 centimeters (3.15 inches) in length.
  • Not for climbing.



  • Material: Aluminium carabiner
  • Color: Red,black,yellow,orange
  • Product Name: Snap Hook
  • Size: 8 cm length, 5 cm width
  • Surface: Aluminium
  • Application: Camping Leisure
  • Shape: D Shape
  • Usage: Outdoor Climbing Activity

This simply made hook is quite robust enough to hang from but as always with this type of thing it’s important that the fix you get into where you’re putting it is strong. In other words, it’s more likely that you’ll end up on the floor because the screws pull out of a crumbly wall or rotten timber than the hook will bend or break.



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Carabiners for Hammocks 1Carabiners for Hammocks

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