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Easy Hang Tree Swing Strap(4FT) Holds 1000 lbs



Durable Materials

The 4-foot tree swing strap is made of commercial grade nylon. It is able to withstand harsh winters and brutal summers without showing signs of wear. Furthermore, the carabiner hook is made of industrial strength steel which makes it nearly indestructible.

Enhanced Safety Features

Due to the high strength nylon we use in our tree swing kits, each strap holds up to 1000 pounds. The spinner does too. To prevent the straps from coming off while swinging, we designed our carabiners to include a heavy-duty screw lock.

Fits All Swing Types

A single strap is fantastic for spinner swings, tire swings, disc swings, web swings, and hammock swings.




Perfect for Use All Year Round

Unlike other tree swing hanging straps that get brittle when exposed to extreme heat and cold, Baite Tree Swing Strap is made with water-repellent and weather-resistant material. Besides, these straps are resilient against sun and water damage and other harsh elements.

Functional & Versatile

Baite’s straightforward design permits it to latch to any hanging porch seat, old-school tree swing plank, tire swing, or classic hammock. The tree swing straps also give you the flexibility to sling them to any branch or pole – even to a square-edged beam or playground equipment! All without harming your property.



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