Electrician Firefighting Safety Rope

Electrician Firefighting Safety Rope


Safety rope is a round rope made by a unique spinning process (optional three-layer rope or tape).It is powerful and flexible.Security.

Wear-resisting.Anti-aging and other properties are superior.The rope comes with a bright red warning sign to identify the safety rope in use

Security after loss.The tear strength of the absorption pad is greater than 2KN and less than 6KN, and the opening length is 1500mm.

This product can be used in combination with any safety belt.The falling height is greater than 5500mm, and the static strength is greater than 23KN.

Rope material: polyester

Mountaineering buckle material: aluminum 7075

Safe line length: many optional options

Usage: aloft’s job

Tension: 450 kg

Certification: CE




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