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Outdoor 260x130cm folding Parachute cloth hammock

folding Parachute cloth hammock


Warm tips:

1. Always check the rope on both ends to prevent excessive wear.

2. Do not force too hard during the use, so as not to break the joint.

3. Severe swing back and forth to avoid the unnecessary damage caused by the quick grinding of the ends.The support points of suspended hammocks must be strong, and the suspension should not exceed 1M to prevent injury.

4. Don’t put the hammock on the support point of the sharp object to avoid damage to the rope.

5. Please check the hammock pull rope before using, and the shorter the distance of the rope, the better.

6. The fabric of this product is not fireproof, please stay away from the fire source.

7. Pay attention to the cleanness of the floor around the hammock and try to use it on the grass as far as possible.

Presented the 8x80MM steel stainless and static rope.



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