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Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit

Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit

Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit

1).★ Kit includes 2 x Stainless Steel surface mounting anchors, 2 – 5/16th” x3 ”long lag bolts, 2 – 3″ quick securing carabiners and detailed install instructions. Bolts & Carabiners are zinc plated for a durable and long lasting finish

2).★ Low profile folding design prevents from inadvertently hitting it while not in use, only protrudes 1” from the wall. Single bolt mounting makes repairs easy if you ever decide to change the location of your indoor hammock.

3).★ Supports 400Lbs. each when properly attached so you can rest easy knowing you have the strongest hammock accessory on the market. It’s suitable for walls, ceilings or any other location that you may want to hang out and relax!

4).★ Use for indoor or outdoor patio hammock hanging, included quick links make it easy to use with hammock tree straps (not included) for areas well larger than your hammock.

5).★ NOTE: This listing is for the indoor hammock hanging kit ONLY. Hammocks and tree straps all available from Live Infinitely are sold separately.

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