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316 Marine Grade Shade Sail Hardware Kit

316 Marine Grade Shade Sail Hardware Kit

316 Marine Grade Shade Sail Hardware Kit for Rectangle and Square Sun Shade Sail Installation , 24 Pcs Silver.

1. This sun shade sail accessories pack comes with all the hardware kits you’ll need to install your sun shade sail. All pieces are made of high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel. Having the proper hardware kits make installation much easier compared to doing it yourself.

2. Kit comprises:
Triangle sun shade sail —1pc Turnbuckle, 2pcs Snap Hooks, 3pcs Pad Eyes, 12pcs Screws
Rectangle/Square shade sail— 2pcs Turnbuckle, 2pcs Snap Hooks, 4pcs Pad Eyes, 16pcs Screws

3. Snap Hooks: Clip your shade sail directly onto a pad eye, used to link a shade sail corner to a pad Eye or other fixing.
Pad eyes: Used to form a fixing onto a wall or posts by the screws.
Turnbuckle: Ideal for ensuring the required tension to your shade sail.


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