How to use Aluminium locked carabiner

1. Please seperate the carabiner from chemicals, try to prevent the contact with dirt.
2. When cleaning the main lock, wash it in warm water below 40 degrees and then dry naturally.
3. Do not make the carabiner fall from height to the ground, otherwise you cannot notice the Internal damage.
4. Placed in ventilated, dry place, avoid heat, fire, not place it in damp for long time.
5. The service life depend on how you use them. It’s related with using frequency and environment. In general, the service life of the carabiner can not last more than five years.
6. The main lock edge should be lubricated after cleaning, also take care of any sand entering the coupling.
7. Please read the above instructions carefully before use, and use it correctly. The damage and accidents caused by the operation error can not be related to the brand and the dealer.

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