Nylon No-pull Dog Harness & Leash Set,Front Lead for Easy Training,Walking

With the addition of a pet hauling rope, we can take the dog out for a walk with our chest straps.At the same time, it also solves the disadvantages of using only collar to cause the dog’s trachea to be damaged.Adjustable, super-wide length adjustment, regardless of dog fat and thin.The chest straps can also protect the dog’s body from damage and can be used during training.

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Chest straps are divided into two parts, one is holding, is a thoracic dorsal (that is, as the triangle), open the chest back of the buckle, flat on the ground, into one of eight, and then put the dog dog is the most simple of the two front foot into the two circles, then picked up the two ends of the clasp, clasp on the back rise to the bait.