Climbing Equipment

BT-RC79 Outdoor Half Body Climbing Harness

Outdoor Climbing Saftey Half Body Harness


Half Body Climbing Harness Specification

RC69 000:

Waist Length 70-100cm

Leg Length 50-65cm

Weight 1400g

RC69 001:

Waist length 85-120cm,

Leg Length 60-75cm,

Weight 1460g;



Advantage of  The Climbing Harness


1. The perfect feature set for any style of rock climbing, most comfortable harness for belaying, quite affordable

2. Very light, super packable, most mobile, versatile for all types of climbing

3. Without a doubt the most comfortable harness you can buy, and our favorite for sport climbing.

4. The optimal choice for long free routes, or anytime when carrying a large rack.


Climbing harnesses are protective equipment that you wear when climbing so you can attach yourself to the rope. Climbing harnesses should fit correctly and allow a wide range of movement, whilst maintaining a high level of safety. It’s important to buy a properly fitting harness to avoid pain from the leg loops being too tight and to ensure that you cannot slip out of it during a fall. Sit harnesses are most commonly used in rock climbing though full body harnesses are popular for kids, as they are more difficult to slip out of.

We have great value for money lines for entry level beginner climbers, and a high-end performance range for where every gram and design feature counts. Pus everything in-between!


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