Polyester Blue and Yellow Hammock

polyester and nylon Royal Blue/Neon and Brown/Lite Brown hammock

The hammock is a light and easy to carry in the field, usually tied to a tree.According to the material made into cloth hammock and rope net hammock.Cloth hammock is usually sewn with thin canvas or nylon cloth, and the rope net hammock is usually made of cotton rope or nylon rope.Rope net hammock is especially applicable in tropical jungle and hot summer, and cloth hammock is more widely applicable, except for cold areas and winter, which can be used in other seasons.Hammocks are mainly used for people’s travel or leisure time sleeping tools.

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1.Product parameter

8x80mm Snap hook(OEM Screw and Eyelet)


Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.5ft

Weight: 20oz

Material:70%Polyester,30%Nylon(High-strength, mildew resistant nylon material)

Rope and hanging instructions are included

Polyester Blue and Yellow Hammock 2

2.Royal Blue/Neon hammock

Polyester Blue and Yellow Hammock 1

The spring hooks are connected to the ends of the hammock


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