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Rock Climbing Rescue Equipment

Rock Climbing Rescue EquipmentProduct including: 

Static rope(11mm diameter)

Safety belt

Hand Control Descender

D type master lock

Slip-proof glove


Static Rope Feature:

Using  Import dupont silk material


Static tension:2800kg

Tension of eight nodes:2300kg

Attached a rope packaging bag


Safety Belt Feature:

Waist belt size:90-105cm

Foot belt size:52-77cm


Product certification:CEEN 12277 type C

Apply for: high altitude mountaineering, skiing, ice climbing, through competition, team training, fire 

fighting operation etc


Hand Control Descender:

Only holding the handle gently,descender will slow down. Can control  the pace of decline accoding to the size of force.


D type master lock:

Material: Hot forging aluminum magnesium alloys

Rise and fall,protection tool connection

Breaking load:long axis 27KN,short axis 7KN,lock door 8KN


CE certification:CEEN362


Slip-proof glove:

Special anti-slip granules design for palm,can hang on the objects 

High-molecular polymer and nylon features.Super light design, has the breathability, comfort and 


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