Sport DOG Check Cord Dog Leash, Orange, 30-foot

SportDOG Orange Check Cord Leash is a great tool for exercising and training dogs. Lightweight and easy to coil and carry, this high-visibility 30 foot orange check cord is soft on your hands and tangle-free to prevent knots that get hung up on brush. With a heavy-duty brass snap, you’re in confident control during training sessions.

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Made with a heavy-duty brass snap, this product will keep your pup secure and will also provide years of reliable use.

Specially designed to be tangle-free and prevents knots that can get hung up on brush and trees.

Putting this leash away has never been easier with its easy-coil design.

Always be able to easily keep an eye on your dog with its highly visible blaze-orange color.

This product will float in water when submerged.