Square Eye Plate

Square eye plates are made from grade 304 stainless steel and grade 316 stainless steel. SS316 is better than SS304 in corrosion resistance and rust protection. But usually its working circumstance is in-house, SS304 is good enough and to save cost, most of our customers prefer SS304.

These square eye plates are produced by stamping. After over 48 hours’ tumbling and electropolished treatment, surface is smooth and shiny. eye plate is available in size from 5mm to 16mm. If you have any other questions about eye plates, please feel free to contact us, you could find our contact information on contacts page and the right of this page, we will be very happy to receive your message!

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1. We check the composition of the raw material before purchasing and determine whether the material comply with the specifications of the respective stainless steel standards. For XRF analysis we use the INNOV-X DELTA DS2000 imported from USA, that help us to ensure quality from the beginning.

2. Test reports of tensile strength issued by third party are very important and helpful. That could help our customers to choose the suitable size when these products are used in particular cases.

3.Baite Stainless quality system conforms to  ISO9001:2008, we attain high quality products through monitoring production process from material purchasing to receipt in warehouse.