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Swing Seat Heavy Duty 66″ Chain Plastic Coated – Playground Swing Set Accessories Replacement | Green

Swing Seat Heavy Duty 66" Chain Plastic Coated


Product description

About seat:
Size: 26in(L) x 5.5in(W)
Material: EVA plastic
Maximum bearing force: 300kg/660 LB

About chain:
Size: 68.9in length/chain
Material: zinc plated chain cover with thermoplastic materials
Maximum bearing force: 700kg/1543 LB
Certification: ROHS
Why the chain are not full thermoplastic material cover? 
If we adopt full thermoplastic material cover, chains will be tightens and difficult to swing. However, the part without cover avoid the above problem and allow you adapt the length of chain through buckle if you don’t want the original length.

About rope:
Size: 23.6in length/rope
Maximum bearing force: 300kg/660 LB

– 100% brand new
– Safe and durable
– Passed ROHS standard
– No need for frequent cleaning
– Comes with 2x 23.6in length polyester rope for easy set up                                                
– Just set up a swing, let your child play in happiness.                                                    
– It’s highly recommended to put the swing away during winter or long periods of no use. This will help to increase the longevity of the swing seat as it won’t be getting so much sun exposure and moisture.

Package included:
1x Swing seat
2x Chain
2x Rope                                                  
2x Buckle


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