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Climbing Belay Device Package with 25kN HMS Locking Carabiner Red V-grooved Rescue Kits

CLIMBING Belay Device Package with 25kN HMS Locking Carabiner Red V-grooved

V-grooved Belay with Teethed Channel

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy (anodized), Hot forged 
  • Standard Finish: Anodized 
  • Single Slot: 34 x 1.5mm / 1.34 x 0.61in 
  • Height: 90mm / 3.74in 
  • Rope compatibility (Dia): 8~11mm, single rope, half rope, double ropes 
  • Net weight: 63.5g / 2.24Oz

HMS Locking Carabiner

  • Material: Aluminium alloy (anodized), Hot forged
  • Strength: Breaking Strength 25kN – Minor Axis: 9kN – Open Gate: 9kN 
  • Gate Opening(d): 23mm 
  • Net Weight: 90g / 3.17Oz 
  • Length: 110mm – Width:75mm 
  • Certification: CE1019 EN12275

Note: A Locking Carabiner is required to use with belay device.

Belay device works as a friction brake, designed to be used by belayer to assure climber’s safety with minimum force.

Three steps to describe:
Bent Rope →
Super great friction(force) →
Stop the move of rope(locking off rope)

Bent rope release super large force (friction). Threading through belay device, rope bents twice to generate great friction which allows belayer to catch the fall of a much heavier climber with minimum force.


Takes up little space in the rack and easy for climbers to carry
V-grooved slots
Allow rope to smoothly run through the belay when climber is during climbing.
Every corner or edge of belay device is round and smooth, well protecting your ropes.
Teethed Channel
Enable belay to work with skinnier rope(8~11mm);
Generates larger friction to help belayer easily control the move of ropes

Double Slots

  • able to offer effective braking to half, twin and single ropes
  • effectively prevent rope from twisting

Use with HMS locking carabiner

  • Locking gate to assure safe opeartion
  • HMS shape, with narrow side connecting to harness loop, to pratically keep the system in correct loading direction

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