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Hammock hanging kit by Maky Outdoors. Heavy Duty – Load capacity 440 lb. Hammock hooks and carabiners for hammock stand, yoga hammocks, swing, chair. Indoor, Outdoor

Hammock hanging kit by Maky Outdoors

1.This hammock hanging hardware includes 2 eye screw and 2 carabiners provide the HIGHEST QUALITY

2.VERY SOLID! Even the stainless steel carabiners – similar used by fire brigades. Screws are made of the best quality carbon steel, galvanized zinc chromate. SUPPORTS 440 lbs when properly attached. (220 lbs per one eye-screw and carabiner

3.You can install kit on a ceiling, veranda, garden, gazebo, living room, bedrooms or any other structure in your home… Durable WEATHER RESISTANT finishes so you can use outdoors as well.

4.Hammock holder is Easy to use and very simple to set up. ONLY ONE DRILLING HOLE. UNIVERSAL to fit any size, style or design hammock. Sufficiently large carabiner for the hammock straps.

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