COMINGFIT Hammock Chair Ultimate Hanging Kit-Concrete Ceiling and Wooden Beam Hook Heavy Duty Hanger & Swivel Hook Snap

Fit all the major types of hanging chairs including swings, hammocks, hanging chairs, punching bag, etc.

Can install on a concrete ceiling and wooden beam.

ATTENTION: Including 4 shield anchors(M6*60-support 300 lbs) for concrete ceiling, 4 stainless screws(M5*60-support 150 lbs) for wooden beam.

Package: One Ceiling Hook, One Duty Hanger, One Swivel, 4 shield anchors and 4 stainless screws.

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1.Product name:Snap hook

Material:Stainless steel

Snap swivels allows 360 degree rotation without any tangling or twisting

2.Product name:Pad eye

Material:Stainless steel 304/316










3.Product name:Double eye swivel

Material:zinc die cast

Finish:Nickel plated