Muzata Cable Railing Kit

Included Turnbuckle/Tension(Eye&Eye, M4), 2-Pcs 1/8 Inch Wire Rope Cable crimping loop sleeve, 2-Pcs Thimble(M3), 2-Pcs Pad eyes(M5)

This deck kit can be installed in wood or metal posts and the 1/8″ stainless steel cable is perfect for residential installations. Install these cable railings to improve sightlines and better enjoy your view. 1/8″ stainless steel railling cable is recommended please search B01N0N4IME

These high quality stainless steel cable railing hardware kit is perfect for planning your own cable railing project, good for indoor or outdoor applications

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The 1/8 cable railing assemblies are a great-looking, easy to install cable railing system, eliminate all of the typical hassles of cable railing installation, good for straight runs and stairs.

Muzata cable railing kits allowing you the flexability to build your own lengths and best of all saving you money and not wasting cable.








The cable railing hardware fitting is complete and include 1PCS eye and eye turnbuckle,2PCS M3 wire rope thimbles, 2PCS M5 pad eyes, 2PCS crimping loop sleeve cable connectors, 4PCS self tapping screws countersunk head phillips drives.